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LPB Brake Pads & Brake Shoes 3002 views

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High Quality Brake Pads Ensures Safe Braking Distance.

It’s The Last Meter That Counts

Besides functional and luxury concerns, the use of high-quality brake pads is even more critical.

High-quality brake pads ensure safe braking distance and are the most important component that determines after braking, how many meters your car will run before it stops completely.

Indeed, between safety and mishap, it is often the last meter that counts!





World's Top-5 Brake Pad Manufacturer

LPB brake pads and brake shoes are produced by Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd. (SGP). SGP is the largest automotive brake pad manufacturer in China and is ranked one of the top-five brake pad manufacturers in the world. It possesses advanced R&D, technical and engineering capabilities with one R&D Centre and two Engineering Laboratories.

Having more than 354,000 sq. m (3.18 million sq. ft.) of plant area and more than 3,000 employees, its production volume exceeds 30 million sets a year.

About 80% of its products are exported worldwide to more than 70 countries including the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia, enabling it to gain 10% of the world market share.

The company also supplies OEM products to more than 15 vehicle brands in China and currently takes more than 30% of the domestic market share. All production units are manufactured to comply with stringent SAE and European ECE R90 standards.

Research and Development Centres

The manufacturer’s “Original Equipment” (OE) expertise are backed by three Research & Development (R&D) centres with more than 50 senior professionals.

To ensure that the finished products are of unfailing quality and safety, the R&D team will undertake mould development, process research, formulation development, raw material testing and selection, and manufacturing and engineering process development.


LPB刹车片和刹车片由山东金凤凰有限公司(SGP)生产。 SGP是中国最大的汽车刹车片制造商,并且是世界五大刹车片制造商之一。它拥有先进的研发,技术和工程能力,拥有一个研发中心和两个工程实验室。



该公司还向中国超过15个汽车品牌提供OEM产品,目前占据国内市场份额的30%以上。所有生产单元的制造均符合严格的SAE和欧洲ECE R90标准。




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