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The November Man 1045 views

The November Man is a 2014 British-American action spy thriller film based on the novel There Are No Spies by Bill Granger, which is canonically the seventh installment in The November Man novel series, published in 1987. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey and Olga Kurylenko with the screenplay written by Michael Finch and Karl Gajdusek. The film is directed by Roger Donaldson, who previously worked with Brosnan on Dante's Peak. The film was released on August 27, 2014 in the United States.

In 2008, CIA agent Peter Devereaux supervises a young operative, David Mason, during a protective mission in Montenegro. Mason disobeys Devereaux's orders not to fire. He shoots and kills an assassin but also kills a child.

Five years later, Devereaux is retired in Lausanne, Switzerland. His former boss, John Hanley, arrives and convinces him to extract Natalia Ulanova, the aide of Russian President-elect and former Army General Arkady Fedorov. Ulanova breaks into Fedorov's safe and copies old photos depicting his war crimes. She contacts the CIA extraction team, and escapes. Fedorov alerts the FSB, who pursue her through the streets of Moscow until Devereaux rescues her. She gives him a name, Mira Filipova, which he relays to Hanley. The CIA team, co-ordinated by Hanley, is unaware of Devereaux's presence.

The station chief, Perry Weinstein, gives the order to kill Ulanova, which Mason does. A dying Ulanova hands Devereaux her phone containing the photos. As the CIA team leaves the parking lot, Devereaux kills everyone in the squad until he faces Mason at gunpoint. The two separate without shooting. It is revealed that Devereaux and Ulanova were involved before. Hanley is detained for interrogation.

Meanwhile, New York Times journalist Edgar Simpson tracks down refugee case worker Alice Fournier and requests her assistance to write an exposé of Fedorov's war crimes during the Second Chechen War. Alexa, an assassin, arrives in Belgrade, and finds out that Fournier will meet Simpson in a cafe. Devereaux also arrives in Belgrade, heads to Hanley's house and finds Fournier as Filipova's only known contact. He arrives at the cafe and rescues Fournier from both Alexa and Mason's team.

Fournier says that Filipova pretended to Federov to be mute. She actually spoke Russian and overheard Fedorov's conversations, including the 'false flag' conspiracy to bomb a Russian Army building to initiate war and seizure of Chechen oil fields. A former Fedorov associate, Denisov, confirms the conspiracy and reveals the CIA's involvement. Devereaux sends Fournier away.

Fedorov arrives in Belgrade for an energy conference. Fournier meets Simpson at his apartment where Alexa attacks them and kills him; but Fournier escapes. Devereaux infiltrates the CIA site where Hanley is being held; and Hanley claims Weinstein aided Fedorov and reveals that Fournier is actually Filipova. Mason also discovers the real Fournier died years ago and Filipova stole her identity. Filipova, disguised as a prostitute, goes to Fedorov's hotel room. It is revealed that her family was murdered in front of her by Federov, who raped her later. She surprises Federov but is unable to kill him. As he overpowers her, Devereaux ascends the stairs in the Hotel, shoots the bodyguards, and saves her.

Devereaux interrogates Federov, demanding to know the name of the CIA operative involved in the operation. Federov, filmed by Filipova's phone, admits it was Hanley, not Weinstein; and Filipova confirms it. Mason arrives at the hotel but Devereaux and Filipova escape after he knocks out Mason and leaves him Fedorov's recorded confession. However, when Mason and Celia arrive in Langley to present the evidence, they realize that Weinstein has been replaced by Hanley.

Devereaux calls Lucy, his and Ulanova's daughter; Hanley answers the phone, having kidnapped her. Devereaux convinces Filipova to go to a train station and wait for him. There, she goes to a public computer to write her story regarding Fedorov. Devereaux meets with Hanley and Mason, stating she will be waiting at a bus station. Mason is tasked to go and recover her. Alexa finds Filipova at the station; but is knocked unconscious by her, who returns, finishes typing and sends it to the press. Hanley reveals his intention to blackmail Federov after he becomes the President, forcing Russia to join NATO against the Middle-East. Celia, Mason's CIA partner, finds the kidnappers' location and he rescues Lucy. He returns to Hanley and helps Devereaux kill Hanley's men and subdue Hanley. Devereaux unites with Lucy and Filipova and they leave on the train.

Later, Filipova testifies at the International Criminal Court against Fedorov, annulling his candidacy. Fedorov is later shot in the head by an unknown sniper.

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