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SINCE 18'S 1099 views

巧克力水龙头 ? 螺丝 ? 士巴拿等等, 没错这都是我们亲手捏出超有水准的巧克力产品,还有我们特色西式美食,甜点,咖啡,下午茶,进口啤酒等 🪓🔑🧲🔩🪛🍺😋👍🏽
Chocolate faucet? Screw? Spanner, etc., yes, all these are the super standard chocolate products we made by ourselves, as well as our special Western food, desserts, coffee, afternoon tea, imported beer, etc. 🪓🔑🧲🔩🪛🍺😋👍🏽

Welcome dine-In or takeaway

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Taman Desa「18世纪Victoria风情」新推出3层塔满满甜品 High-Tea Set~还有造型超Special的工业革命Chocolate,螺丝及其他工具竟然是可以吃的?

Taman Desa "18th Century Victoria Style" has launched a new 3-story tower full of desserts High-Tea Set~ And the super-special Industrial Revolution Chocolate, screws and other tools are edible?

英式风格设计咖啡厅【SINCE 18'S】, 以其高贵的设计,典雅的 环境受到女士们的特别喜爱,并被女性们视为姐妹淘聚会的最佳地点!

The British style design cafe [SINCE 18'S], with its noble design and elegant environment, is particularly loved by ladies, and is regarded by women as the best place for sisters to get together!


Our handmade chocolate revolution industrial products are one of the features. You must come and try them. The products have chocolate shapes with screws, faucets, spanners, locks and so on. . Isn’t it special? 🪓🔑🧲🔩🪛🍺😋👍🏽

巧克力的种类有两种~分别为奶巧克力和黑巧克力, 无论是口味偏甜或偏苦,都欢迎来品尝哦!

There are two types of chocolates-milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Whether it is sweet or bitter, you are welcome to taste it!

特别推荐 : 下午茶三层塔!3 Layers High Tea Set
Special recommendation : Brunch High Tea Set

提供时间为 Serving time from 3 PM-5 PM, 是以甜点为主 Mainly desserts

第一层有迷你水果 Tart, 浓郁巧克力小蛋糕,柠檬芝士小蛋糕,巧克力tart 和马卡龙
The first layer has mini fruit tart, rich chocolate cake, lemon cheesecake, chocolate tart, and macaron.

The second layer is English muffins with jam and butter, full of English style!

下午茶三层塔的最底层也有偏咸的小吃,分别是美味的金枪鱼三文治和火腿芝士三文治 !!
There are also salty snacks at the bottom of the three-tiered tower for afternoon tea, which are delicious tuna sandwiches and ham & cheese sandwiches!

甜品份量不大,很适合怕胖的人~从下往上品尝,味道由淡变浓,很特别,很满足,很享受! 无法抗拒的 !😋👍🏽

Desserts are not big portions, very suitable for those afraid of fat~ start from the bottom up, the taste changes from light to strong, so special, satisfying and enjoyable ! simply irresistible !😋👍🏽

Another must-try three layers Brunch Set!
提供时间 Serving time : 11 am-3 pm

The lowest level is the super popular Western breakfast, which includes sausages, English scrambled eggs, bacon and fried mushrooms! Super rich! ! 😋👍🏽

The middle layer is similar to high tea set, serves with English muffins and sandwiches !

而最顶级的是美味的甜点和布丁……绝对是物超所值! !
And the top is the delicious desserts and puddings... it's definitely an excellent & value for money! !

【SINCE 18'S】除了这两种三层塔以外,其他的美食还有 墨西哥烤鸡沙拉、三式意大利面、地中海烤鸡等等。。。😋👍🏽

In addition to these three layers set, we also serve delicacies include a little grilled salad, three-style pasta, Mediterranean grilled chicken, and so on 😋👍🏽

包括玫瑰拿铁、摩卡和拿铁弗雷多~~ ☕
对于不喜欢咖啡的朋友,我们还有来自英国的西式茶 🍵
And the industrial revolution chocolate mentioned above is forming a combo set with several beverages!
Including Rose latte, mocha, and latte freddo ~~ ☕
For friends who don't like coffee, we also serve Western tea from the United Kingdom 🍵

英式的装潢,再加上进口特级品牌啤酒等,让你有如身在英国的感觉,也是一个聚餐,下午茶及来两杯闲聊消遣的好地方 🍻

The British style of decoration, coupled with imported premium brands of beer, feels like you are in UK. It is also a good place for dine-in, afternoon tea, and happy hours with friends 🍻

We many more interesting foods, snacks, drinks,etc, come experience with your friends,

Welcome dine-In or takeaway


modern cuisine.


No. 1-0-5, Jalan 4/109F, Danau Desa Business Centre, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours

⏰:Mon-Sun : 12:00- 01:00

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0123223793 - Ms. Wong

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