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在烦脑您的生意吗?AIO 可以帮到你 ! 5749 views

你的事业是否遇到这样的问题? 尤其是在疫情的时期,门市的不能再只依赖常客或过路客
Has your business encountered such problems? Especially during the epidemic period, stores can no longer rely on regular customers or passers-by.

虽然有好的产品,优质的服务或美味的食物等,但顾客却很少 !
Even With Good products, Great Services or Good Food, etc, But business very slow !

生意难做, 受挫折及有迈向灰心的感觉..
Bad business, frustrated, and feeling discouraged?

Not to worry, we are here to help you

Airasia make everyone can fly
AIO makes everyone can advertise
AIO 让每个人都可以广告

Watch this video till the end, then click more info, select “Product Description” for more info.
观看视频直至结束,然后单击更多资料,选择“Product Description”以获取更多信息.

欢迎加进我们的 WhatsApp 或直接联系我们询问 Welcome to join our WhatsApp 60123340165 for inquiry

Free consultation on how to improve your business

We are happy to serve you

AIO 是一家国际网购广告平台,我们拥有的是有消费能力的顾客群,包括你自己,怎么说呢?
AIO is an international online marketing platform. We have a customer base with spending power, including you. How does it work?

为了安全及国际化,我们采用点数做交易,一个点数=RM1.00, 一切点数有受到公司的保障(节省了所有的货币兑换费用)。
For security and internationalization, we use AIO points for business transactions, one point = RM1.00, and all points are guaranteed by AIO. (Save all currency exchange)

What is customer base with spending power?

1. 每当一个商家注册付费户口,年费原价RM688,现在非常时期,我们只收RM388. 我们会赠送 50 AIO点数=RM50供网购用途,这意味着我们已经建立了一群具有消费能力的客户群,而这个群不断的增长.
When a merchant registers a paid advertisement account, the Normal annual fee is RM688, Now offers at only RM388, FREE 50 AIO points = RM50 for online shopping purposes, which means that we have created a customer base with spending power. And this group keeps growing.

2. 每当商家转介绍给其他商家,而新商家也注册388户口,推荐人会得到120 AIO 点数=RM120介绍费供网购用途,这里我们又再增加有消费能力的顾客群了.
When a merchant successfully refers a new 388 merchant account, the system will pay 120 AIO points= RM120 as a referral fee for online shopping purposes. this again increased the spending power group.

3. 我们使用AIO积分作业务交易,提款时,这些积分可以转换为现金,每次提款将有5%的银行服务费。 但AIO却不会从销售中收取任何佣金,而最高提款高达总额的90%,剩余的10%会自动保留在其用户帐户供网购用途,这将再次的增加消费能力群的数额而且继续成长,总的来说,我们已经保证为您带来业务。
We use AIO points for business transactions. These points can be converted into cash when withdrawing. There will be a 5% bank service charge for each withdrawal. However, AIO will not charge any commission from the sale. The maximum withdrawal is 90% of the total amount, and the remaining 10% will automatically be retained in its user account for online shopping purposes, this again will increase the spending power amount and continue to grow. In general, we can guarantee to bring you business.

4. 你可以在平台的封面红字移动广告看到目前所累积的总积分,这个数字肯定会给你带来生意,而且会时常更新.
You can find the total accumulated points in the red-letter moving advertisement on the main page of this platform. These total points show the actual capability to bring you business and will be updated frequently.

所有合法的事业都适合在 AIO 刊登广告
All legal businesses are suitable to advertise in AIO

Our system has three languages, Chinese, English, and Bahasa Malaysia, and we provide 4 types of multi-functional features advertisements:

1. Classic Ads - 经典广告让您在此处展现您的产品图片,包括说明书和服务等,适合各行各业。
To display your product pictures, including contents and services. Suitable for all businesses.

2. FREE Grab Ads - 赠送免费物品广告–此功能让你赠送小礼品而吸引客户直接到您的店,而且非常有效,每个人都喜欢免费的物品,免费的礼物,免费的试用品,免费的咖啡或免费的蛋糕等。
This feature allows you to give away small gifts that attract customers to your store, it is very effective. Everyone likes free items, free gifts, free samples, free coffee or free cakes, etc.

3. Redemption Ads - 网购广告-您可以使用AIO点数做为产品或服务的标价,我们已经有消费能力的客户群,您也许可能立即获得业务。
You can use AIO points to label as the price tags for your products or services. We have ready customers for you and you may be able to get business almost immediately.

4. Video Ads - 视频广告-以生动及有趣的方式展现您的产品和服务在银幕上,让人一目了然,容易理解并且非常有说服力。
Allows your products and services to be vividly displayed on the screen, it is so lively that makes it easy to understand and very convincing.

What are the multi-functional features ?

• 365天24小时不管在那里,只要有网络,你都可以直接去管理你的广告包或修改一切资料,还可以控制你的广告时常保持在首页。
No matter where you are, 365 days, 24 hours, as long there is an Internet connection, you can manage your account including updating information, etc, you can also control your advertisement to be on the front page all the time.

• 大量的把你的广告分享在面子书Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, QQ, Instagram 等等。
Viral your ads on Facebook, WhatsApp, Wechat, QQ, Instagram and etc.

• 户口随时可以转让或转卖给第三者。
The account can be transfer or resale to a third party at any time.

* 任何带有宗教,政治,色情,赌博及任何非法产品都不能在AIO 平台出现,包括山寨版。
Any related to religion, politics, pornography, gambling, and any illegal products are not allowed in the AIO platform, including imitation product.

如何注册388 户口?
How to register ?

As easy as 123

1)Name (Company or Personal)
2)Email Address 电子邮箱
3)Mobile No. 手机号码

The above info is Changeable 以上的资料随时可因更换

Make a payment of RM388 into the account as follow :

1). AIO International Marketing Sdn. Bhd. MBB : 514338526078 或者 or
2). Low Tiong Saw MBB : 014093209259

You will then receive your sign-in ID & password to start making your ads

Not to mention the results, the propaganda that can have multiple functions advertisement for less than 50 cents a day is already worth the money

Optional : 我们也有提供拍摄视频广告的服务, 广告管理服务等..
We also provide services for shooting video ads, advertisement management services, etc.

欢迎您的一切询问 :
All inquiries are welcomed :

012-3340165 Anthony Low 刘先生
010-9705680 Alice Huang
012-5790413 Cloris Chow
010-5211020 Sharon Hooi
018-2955712 - Joanne Tao (Rawang)
016-8333126 - Mr. How Beng Look (Melaka 马六甲)
018-9099891 - Mr. Bryan Tai Ping Yan
018-9182368 - Ms. Low Hung Yee

We are very happy to serve you.

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