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【PaleBlue_SmokeShack ♨️】 1063 views

以西式美食为主,如南美传统烟熏猪肉、拉猪肉三明治、意大利面Aglio Olio、培根和猪肉碎比萨、烤鸡、烟熏蜜汁排骨等等‼️
Mainly western delicacies such as South American Traditional Smoked Pork, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Bacon, And Minced Pork Pizza, Roasted Chicken, Smoked Honey Glazed Pork Ribs and many more ‼️

Set Lunch午餐优惠 11am - 3pm

堂食,外带一律欢迎 更谢谢你的留言
Welcome dine-In or takeaway & thank you for your messages

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嗨👋🏻你饿了吗❓我们去吃无敌的【牛油羊角面包🥐】慢慢咬着酥脆的面包配上嫩嫩的蓬松鸡蛋🍳和两片超级邪恶的芝士🧀再加上招牌猪肉丝🥩~一切都是那么完美👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻 还有【火腿三明治配香草面包🥪】热木炭烤面包,口感蓬松柔软,烟熏火腿🥓和心爱的芝士🧀; 淋上特制的甜酱,整体味道出乎意料的美(ˉ▽ ̄~)😘😘😘
Hi 👋🏻 Are you hungry ❓Let’s go for the invincible [Butter Croissant🥐] slowly biting into the crispy bread with tender fluffy eggs 🍳 and two slices of super evil cheese🧀 coupled with the signature shredded pork 🥩 ~ everything is so perfect 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 And [Ham Sandwich with Herb Bread🥪] hot charcoal toasted bread, it tastes fluffy and soft, smoked ham🥓 and beloved cheese🧀; topped with special sweet sauce, the overall taste is unexpected beautiful(ˉ▽ ̄~)😘😘😘

圣诞节和跨年去哪里吃大餐呢❓就约朋友闺蜜 / 情人 / 家人一起来 Kepong Menjalara 古早南美味的西式料理【PaleBlue_SmokeShack ♨️】吃大餐咯~!这里有三明治,比萨,意大利面,烤猪肉等,还有很多梦幻的【Pale Blue Hawaiian 🍹】等你一起来撑台脚🦵🏻😋👍🏽
Any plan for coming Christmas & New Year ❓ Just bring your loved one, family, or friends to Kepong Menjalara [PaleBlue_SmokeShack ♨️] We served South American ancient western cuisines, Sandwiches, Pizza, Spaghetti, Roasted Pork, and etc.

尤其是我们的 Signature Pulled Pork (Roasted Pork是美式烤肉) 炆火烟熏8小时以上,分散了猪肉本身的油分,还有一股诱人的烟熏味,单独食用或搭配意大利面 🍜简直无法抗拒(╹ڡ╹) ‼️
Especially Our Signature Pulled Pork (Roasted Pork is an American barbecue) is smoked over a slow fire for more than 8 hours, which distracted out the oil of the pork itself, as well as a compelling smoky smell, taking it alone or pair with spaghetti 🍜 it is simply irresistible (╹ڡ╹) ‼️

西式餐厅怎么能少得了【Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Tempura Fish / Smoked Chicken 】呢❓那炸葱,青葱和 Bacon与意大利面的结合很有别一番的风味哦 ~!😋👍🏽 吃的时候炸葱和青葱味道会比较重;接下来Bacon🥓的烟熏味慢慢的延伸出来🌬️搭配新鲜软嫩的Tempura Fish 🐟 / 口感扎实烟熏味十足的Smoked Chicken🐓 精致又美味😍
Not to miss our [Spaghetti Aglio Olio With Tempura Fish / Smoked Chicken] ❓The fried onions, shallots, and the combination of bacon and pasta are very unique~! 😋👍🏽 When start eating, fried shallots and shallots will have a heavier flavor; then the smoked flavor of Bacon🥓 slowly extends🌬️ with fresh and soft Tempura Fish 🐟 and coupled with solid smoked Chicken 🐓 exquisite and delicious😍

【Bacon And Minced Pork Pizza🍕 】来袭💣🎉除了有浓浓的Cheese🧀可以让你拉❗拉❗拉‼️之外🤭 还有下料很足的Bacon And Minced Pork让你咬❗咬❗咬‼️ 😆
[Bacon And Minced Pork Pizza🍕] is here 💣🎉 In addition to the thick Cheese🧀 just bite on it and pull ❗ pull ❗ pull‼ ️🤭Besides, there is also Bacon And Minced Pork which is well prepared for you to bite ❗ bite ❗ bite‼ ️😆

Pizza 口味选择有:鸡肉Pizza ,猪肉Pizza和蔬菜Pizza ,尺寸有 ” 8寸“ 和 ”12 寸“ 每口都是大大的🈵足啦 (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Pizza flavors are Chicken Pizza, Pork Pizza, and Vegetable Pizza. The sizes are "8" and "12". Each bite is gonna give you full satisfaction (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

料多丰富的【Half Roasted Chicken With Baked Potato And Baked Vegatables🐓 】新鲜出炉的Roasted Chicken 淋上Mix Fruit & Vegetable Sauce🍯,放上一粒肥肥圆圆的Baked Potato 和各种烤蔬菜( 灯笼椒🫑 ,黄瓜🥒 ,包菜花🥦和萝卜🥕等)超诱人的啦~! 就是要满足你对Roasted Chicken的欲望,吃了包你返寻味👍!
Rich in ingredients [Half Roasted Chicken With Baked Potato And Baked Vegatables🐓] Freshly baked Roasted Chicken topped with Mix Fruit & Vegetable Sauce🍯, topped with a fat and round Baked Potato and various roasted vegetables (bell pepper🫑, Cucumber 🥒, cabbage flower 🥦 and radish 🥕 etc.) super tempting~! It is to satisfy your desire for Roasted Chicken. Satisfaction guarantee 👍!

【Smoked Honey Glazed Pork Ribs With Baked Potato And Baked Vegetables🍖 】是一道非常有口感与甜美的佳肴,每一口都香喷喷令人难忘的味道;摆盘也很漂亮哦(⭐ 3 ⭐)
[Smoked Honey Glazed Pork Ribs With Baked Potato And Baked Vegetables🍖] is a very tasty and beautiful delicacy, every bite is giving you unforgettable fragrant and taste (⭐ 3 ⭐)

【 Set Lunch 优惠 11 am - 3 pm 】只要点一份特定主食,只需加多RM1就可以添加饮料【Ice Lemon Tea 🍸】;加多RM3 可以获得饮料 【Hot / Ice ( Coffee☕ / Tea🍵 )】喲!

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堂食,外带一律欢迎 更谢谢你的留言
Welcome dine-In or takeaway & thank you for your messages

闺蜜爱人家人约会好去处 💕! 环境,食物,气氛都是顶呱呱啊!(〃∀〃)~♡吃大餐之余,还可以拍美美的照片,羡慕死人啦( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ 快来【PaleBlue_SmokeShack ♨️】品尝美味可口的佳肴吧!👍🏽✌🏽
A place where you can have good food, a good environment to take pictures for good memory 📷

【PaleBlue_SmokeShack ♨️】

【PaleBlue_SmokeShack ♨️】


No. 11 , Jalan 9/62A , Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours

Weekday 11am - 3pm ; 6pm - 9pm ( Monday Off ) Weekend & Public Holiday 9am - 3pm ; 6pm - 9pm

Contact Number

017 - 6646803 - Esther

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